Wood Care
Wood cracks because the air around it takes the moisture out. Condition your wood with our TBalm or your preferred baby safe wood conditioner weekly and every time you wash your wood items (and as needed). Our TBalm can be used on any wood items and is made from US sourced organic beeswax and organic oils (olive, jojoba, or coconut). 

Our wood products are USA sourced.

Silicone Care
Silicone products should be washed before use and regularly in warm or hot soapy water and rinsed well. They should NOT be washed in the dishwasher as the soap is not safe for babies.

Our silicone, cord, and clasps are BPA, lead, metal, and pthalate free.  Please ask about all other products. All are compliant with USA, CA, Canada, UK, EU, and AUS standards. USCPSC 022580-032014 View our certifications at http://cert.teslababy.com

Amber Care
Baltic amber has been around over 40 million years. It doesn't wear out and doesn't need to be "recharged." It's okay to get it wet and it's okay to wash it if it gets dirty. You do not need to replace your amber after a set amount of time. It didn't wear out the first 40 million years. We sell Amber Extenders so you can get the most out of your amber. We also offer amber restringing if your necklace or bracelet breaks and we can restring and extend any piece into anything you'd like.

Fabric Care
All fabric items can be machine washed on cold or warm with any soap. Do not bleach. You can iron on low or medium if necessary.

Crochet Care
Crochet products can be hand washed in warm soapy water and air dried. The wood beads should not be washed frequently. Once cracked, crochet beads with wood interiors should be discarded. If you have a piece with a broken wood bead and you would like it repaired please contact us.