Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)
Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)
Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)
Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)
Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)
Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)
Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)

Chartreuse Silicone Beads (Bright Green)

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Sold Individually

Click here to see a map of all bead shapes (opens in a new tab).

IMPORTANT: 9 mm beads are NOT suitable for children with teeth. They can break posing a choking hazard. Use 12 mm or 15 mm for any child with teeth. We have never had a bead break but it is a possibility.

Sold Individually

Click here to see a map of all bead shapes (opens in a new tab).

IMPORTANT: 9 mm beads are NOT suitable for children with teeth. They can break posing a choking hazard. Use 12 mm or 15 mm for any child with teeth. We have never had a bead break but it is a possibility.


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Please read all descriptions before purchasing and if you have a question please contact us. If you need immediate assistance during business hours you can text us as at (636) 627-7627, we may not answer phone calls, text first.

It is very important to note that bracelets are made based on the size you choose. You must measure before submitting your order, we make what you tell us to. A $1 bill is 6" if you don't have a ruler handy.

Wood products are prone to cracking if they are not properly conditioned weekly and every time you wash them.

If you are in the EU you agree to abide by our refund and return policy due to the nature of our products.


All of our beads (except for a few of our 9 mm) have a 2.5 mm hole and work best with 2 mm cord. In order to fit the cord through properly hold a lighter flame to the end of the cut cord for about 1 second then roll it between your fingers to seal it and make it "hard" and no longer able to fray. This melts the fibers together. Then you can thread the cord through the beads or clasps. Once you are done and have your clasps on and you make a double knot, melt the knot a bit and roll it to firm it into a solid ball. That will prevent it from coming apart.


We condition our wood with a mix of organic oil (jojoba, white mineral, or coconut) and beeswax that we call T-Balm. Our T-Balm has no gluten, casein, corn, soy, sugar, vinegar, GMO products, yeast, parabens, latex, preservatives, petroleum, coloring, or perfumes. It's just pure oil and beeswax. The beeswax has been boiled long enough to kill botulism -- however, it is still always a risk as are any items with beeswax or honey products.

If you are unsure, just ask for a non-conditioned ring and we'll send it bare then you can use plain coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil to season it.

Our conditioner is completely safe to use as a lip balm, diaper balm, wood conditioner, skin conditioner, and more.

We do not condition our beads but you should.


The air will pull moisture from anywhere, that includes all the wood in your house -- and your teethers and wood beads. They WILL crack if they are not conditioned regularly. You cannot condition them too much. It helps seal in their moisture -- it's the same principle as putting on lotion after a shower, it seals in the moisture.

You MUST condition the wood before you give it to your child because conditioning the wood protects it from fluids and basically waterproofs it. It also makes them easy to wash without ruining the wood (you must condition after washing).

You'll want to condition your wood every week or any time you wash the wood. We recommend a small lint free cloth (those ones that are for cleaning glasses are perfect) or a flat edged paint brush. Or you can use your fingers. Just rub it in and let it sit for a bit then rub some more in and then buff that with a lint free cloth.

You can buy the T-Balm (available in 0.4 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz) in our T Balm listing, which is enough for several weeks or a month depending on how often you condition your wood.

Our T-Balm can also be used on wood products regardless of whom you purchased them from.


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Anything that can fit inside a space 1.25" wide and 2.25" long can pose a choking hazard, take necessary precautions to keep all small items away from young children. Please wash your beads upon receipt with food safe soap like castile soap and warm water, let them air dry.


These are the same quality of silicone the silicone you use to bake with and are certified BPA, Latex, Lead, and Phthalate free and have been tested for and have exceeded California, Canada, UK, USA, EU, and Australia standards. View our certifications at We are also a small batch registered manufacturer.


We try to process all orders within 2-4 business days. We ship most orders via first class USPS, which takes between 3-5 days to get to domestic addresses or 7-21 days to international addresses. Any orders over 16 oz are shipped USPS priority. All wood products are shipped in boxes to prevent breakage. We insure packages at our discretion, but you can always request that we purchase insurance and we will invoice you separately for that. Read more about shipping and returns.


We can ship your order directly to your gift recipient. We will be happy to include a gift message at no charge and we can even gift wrap for an additional fee.


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